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HotelLuxe Shampoo/Soap Dispenser Bottles

HotelLuxe Shampoo/Soap Dispenser Bottles

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Sizes Available:
300ml / 500ml


Add a luxurious hotel style touch to your bathroom interior with our refillable dispenser bottles.

The dispenser bottles come in a range of styles to suit your tastes.

A touch of minimalism and luxury to your bathroom with:

- The translucent amber 'Aesop style' bottles

- The matte black 'Hotel style' bottles 

- The gloss black 'Hotel style' bottles


Designed with waterproof labels.

Perfect for adding a spark of luxury to your bathroom experience, the chic bottles can be used for:

- Shower Gel

- Shampoo

- Conditioner

- Body Oils

- Hair Oils

- Exfoliator liquids

- Face wash 

- Lotion

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